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In May this year Rev. Tim Butlin went to Kiev to speak at a Toward Jerusalem Council II conference promoting reconciliation between Eastern and Western churches, a 1000 year old church split that underlies the cultural divisions at work in Ukraine and Russia today. The conference was hosted by the Kiev Messianic...

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August 6  • 

Hungarian Orthodox Rabbi Supports TJCII Vision

Hungarian Rabbi, Gábor Fináli, give his views in this interview from a Rabbinic standpoint. As someone who is aware of the first Jerusalem council...

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August 6  • 

Johannes Fichtenbauer Explains TJCII


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April 5  • 

Benjamin Berger Sessions & Dromantine Conference

Benjamin Berger, Co-Pastor of “Kehilat ha’she al Har Zion” (The Congregation of the Lamb on Mt. Zion).  The congregation meets at Christ...

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November 19  • 

Hussite History

  The reform movement in which Jan Hus (1369 – 1415) was a major figure was undoubtedly a major factor in the historical process that led a...

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November 17  • 

Abuses of the Eucharist: A Western Catholic Confession

Issues concerning the Eucharist played a central role in the conflict that broke out in Bohemia in the first years of the fifteenth century between...

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