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Pro-Israel Christian Arabs?

via » TJCII Blog  Referring to the Middle East and taking liberties with the verse, John 1:46, one might ask along with Nathanael, “Can anything good come from there?” In agreement with Philip we reply, “Yes, come and see!” Something good IS happening in the Middle East and specifically among Christian Arabs in Israel! There is a new political party, B’nei Brit* Hahadasha (Sons of the New Testament), which is – surprise – pro-Israel! It’s not a shock that some Christian Arabs are thankful to live in Israel.  But it is a surprise that they are putting their lives on the line
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A Jewish Stumbling Block.

via » TJCII Blog  What about the FIRST Jerusalem Council? Sure-fire way to get a blank look? Mention the first Jerusalem Council.  The title from Acts 15 is “The Council at Jerusalem” but it’s not a frequently-discussed topic today because the Council resolved everything . . . or did it? Shaul (Paul) was a Pharisee who came to faith in Yeshua.  This meeting in Jerusalem found him debating other Pharisees who were also believers in Yeshua (Acts 15:5).  (That’s right, Nicodemus wasn’t the only one.)  They’re debating what Gentiles needed to do in order to be accepted as followers of the Jewish G-d and His
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Why The Olive Branch?

via » TJCII Blog  In Romans 11, Rabbi Shaul(Apostle Paul) used the olive tree to summarize God’s work in history – past, present and future – including what must precede Yeshua’s return.  It’s all laid out – like a school year – and we’re watching it unfold. Gentile believers (a WILD olive branch!) were grafted into the olive tree when Jewish branches were broken off.  The Gentiles thus became “equal sharers in the rich root of the olive tree.” Anticipating an ego attack, Shaul warned Gentiles, “don’t boast as if you were better than the branches!  However, if you do boast, remember
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