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Launch: Spreading The Word Online

Messianic Education Trust Launches New Guided Bible Study Package Intro to Spreading The Word Online by Jonathan Allen Help Spreading The Word Online If you would like to make a donation towards the cost of providing sponsored subscriptions; of being part of helping Jewish people come to faith and Messianic Jewish congregations to grow and mature; of helping harrassed, busy and even persecuted pastors to teach their congregations the words of life; of helping the church to come to a rightly balanced understanding of the whole word of God, both the Jewish and Apostolic Writings; and of helping the Body
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For God’s gifts and his call are irrevocable

Below we present fragments of the transcript of the teaching of fr. Peter Hocken on Romans which took place on 9th November 2013 in Hainburg, Austria as a part of the Bible Teaching series. Presented below is the part which refers to chapters 9-11. In Romans 9 Paul begins to speak directly about Israel, the Jewish people. Is this a complete change of subject from chapter 8, like some people have imagined? I think not, because in chapter 8 Paul is talking about the salvation of Jew and Gentile—of all—saying that God’s plan of salvation will not be frustrated. At
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