Hungarian Rabbi, Gábor Fináli, give his views in this interview from an Orthodox standpoint.

As someone who is aware of the first Jerusalem council of Acts 15, he welcomes the initiative. Understandably he is of the opinion that there was a great cost to the Torah following the outcome of the First Jerusalem Council which made it much easier for Gentiles to graft into the community of God’s people. However, it is encouraging to hear responses like this from the Jewish community, we pray God will continue to bless this movement.


  1. Robert Kurucz

    Very interesting point of view. I would add that the interpretations of Paul got distorted, not his message.

    • Paddy Monaghan

      Its amazing to hear an Orthodox Rabbi, ( who doesnt yet know Yeshua) warly welcome TJCII
      I loved his expression: “When one does teh will of Heaven, instead of one’s own will, Heaven and earth touch each other”. May all involved with TJCII do the will of Heaven.

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