Just found this article via twitter, very interesting and wanted to bring it to people’s attention and see what your feedback might be.

Also, the familiar name Asher Intrater is in the article which I didn’t realise at first! For those you who don’t  know he is good friends with the household names Dan Juster and Don Finto of TJCII.

israel today | Israeli media stands up for Messianic Jews – israel today.


Credit: Satellite Television graphic designed by Eugene Dobrik from The Noun Project


  1. Is this the jealousy Paul would inspire in his evangelizing ? May the love of the Messianic Jew and the Gentile convert Israel. Encouraging article. Thanks

  2. Paddy Monaghan

    Wonderful to see the some elements of the secular media in Israel standing up for the Messianic Jews. I believe that the Messinic Jews can be a bridge between Judaism and Christianity. Well done TJCII UK in getting your excellent website up and running. Blessings Paddy Monaghan Ireland

  3. Debra Young

    Please pray for Debra and Terry. We have needs for miracles ASAP. Also, Iwant to move to Israel with my friends and take my children and grandchildren with me.

  4. Cynthi

    I am a Messianic Jew and am of Hebrew/Israeli nationality. I am not one bit ashamed to admit this!!!
    Yeshua IS the answer,you can see it in every Jewish holiday (maybe the Orthodox will finally realize this.)
    Adonai baruch Yisrael.

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