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Referring to the Middle East and taking liberties with the verse, John 1:46, one might ask along with Nathanael,

“Can anything good come from there?”

In agreement with Philip we reply,

“Yes, come and see!”

Something good IS happening in the Middle East and specifically among Christian Arabs in Israel! There is a new political party, B’nei Brit* Hahadasha (Sons of the New Testament), which is – surprise – pro-Israel!

It’s not a shock that some Christian Arabs are thankful to live in Israel.  But it is a surprise that they are putting their lives on the line by going public.  Muslim Arabs consider B’nei Brit to be traitors; while other Christian Arabs refuse to acknowledge Israel’s place within God’s plan, and the Jewish people’s right to have their own land.

True Christians will stand with Israel, regardless of how their nation aligns politically.  Rabbi Shaul said that Yeshua paid the price to unite Gentiles with Jews,

“He Himself is our shalom – He has made us both one.”

(Ephesians 2:14)

Yes, Christian Arabs pay a high price for aligning with Israel, but it is far less than the cost of silence, neutrality, or opposition to God’s plans.  Yeshua said,

“Those who are not with me are against me, and those who do not gather with me are scattering.”
(Matthew 12:30)

Father Gabriel Naddaf, a Greek Orthodox priest from Yafia, is the spiritual guide for B’nei Brit.  As a result, he has been banned from entering Nazareth’s Church of the Annunciation, and threatened with being fired from his position in Yafia.  The tires of his car were punctured, and a rag with bloodstains was put on his doorstep.  Bodyguards now accompany him everywhere.

The spirit of reconciliation is moving among some Christian Arab youths as well.  Hundreds of young Palestinian Christian Arabs recently joined young Messianic Jews to worship the God of Israel.  Attendance at the Elav (To Him) youth conference doubled since last year.

“. . Just as you, Father, are united with me and I with you, I pray that they may be united with us, so that the world may believe that you sent me.”
(John 17:21)

*Not to be confused with B’nai B’rith which was founded in 1843 and is the most widely known Jewish humanitarian, human rights, and advocacy organization.

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