Here for download is the Special Kiev Edition TJCII Communiqué follwing the consultation hosted by the Kiev Jewish Messianic Congregation (KJMC) that took place in May this year.

Inside this issue:

  • The Messianic Hope & The Gospel
  • Comments on the Messianic Hope & The Gospel
  • Unity in the Body
  • Commentaries by Attendees
  • A Catholic Response From the Ukraine

Writers include

  • Pastor Michael Shubert (Lutheran, Dresden, Germany)
  • Fr. Peter Hocken (Catholic Theologian, TJCII International Council)
  • Eugene Boyle (A former member of a center for reconciliation and renewal in Northern Ireland)
  • Fr. Piotr Oktaba, OP (St. Thomas Aquinas Institute, Kiev)

Kiev Special Edition Communiqué

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