In May this year Rev. Tim Butlin went to Kiev to speak at a Toward Jerusalem Council II conference promoting reconciliation between Eastern and Western churches, a 1000 year old church split that underlies the cultural divisions at work in Ukraine and Russia today. The conference was hosted by the Kiev Messianic Jewish Synagogue and this brought to the conference an even more ancient church split – between Jew and Gentile in Christ.

As Canon Andrew White, the Vicar of Bagdad, makes clear, true Christian reconciliation and unity will, in the end, have to include Jewish believers in Jesus into the mix.  Without them, as the film suggests, ‘There’s something missing …’.

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  1. Julie Andrews

    What a wonderful film. May God bless the work of TJ C 11
    I love the vibrancy of the worship the Jewish messianic music. And the words of those who spoke.
    As a British Christian I am so glad that God has called me to be at one with my Jewish brothers and sisters. I pray with other Christians who have the same heart for Israel and that we will become one of the new man in Christ.
    So sad what is happening in Ukraine.

  2. Paddy Monaghan

    Congratulations on the 21 minute video. It is a super production. It brings back memories for me of the worship in the Kiev Messianic Jewish congregation, the largest in the world with some 1,600 members. Other points that struck me on the flim were
    1. The church is incomplete without the Messianic Jews planing their full part
    2. The world currently has 300,000 Jews who believe in Jesus as thier Messiah
    3.We know that the subject of Israel is a very controversial subject in the world and also in the church, but without really dealing with Israel and what God does through Israel in history we will not understand the ways of hte Lord.[
    4. In the third century something terrible happened. The Gentile Bishop dedided not to stany any longer in unity with their Messianic Jeish brothers
    5. When Christian brothers divideand hurt and hatred gain a foothold, the forces of hell are released.
    6. Former Muslim and Hezbollah member Amim has a powerful testimony. He is now a memeber of the Kiev Messianic Congregation. He says on video “I came to Yeshua through Jeish people… They loved me and prayed for me”

  3. Dominic McDermott

    Totally agree with the comments, excellent video summing up the vision of TJCII and the consequences of our current disunity, the separation of brother from brother, in such a dramatic way.Wonderful to see the ex-Moslem chap speak about being brought to Yeshua by the love of the Messianic Jews towards him, as he said, no matter how far apart we grow, God can reconcile us! Thank God for the Kiev Messianic Jewish Fellowship and their openness to the work of the Spirit in TJCII and for Tim and Derek for this dynamic and thought-provoking film.

  4. Shalom to everyone.

    It is indiscrabable on how YHWH does things, but He does and this is it! All this movement does not come to live from nowhere but from the Heart of YHWH! And I do feel proud of joing you from now on. And ask your help on understanding more and more about Jewish Messianic lifestyle.

    May YHWH bless your people wordwild!

    Cláudia Regina from MINAS GERAIS – Brazil!

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